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Finance, Audit and Risks

Information about Finance, Audit and Risks

Finance, audit, assets, interests, risks and approach to quality.

Looking after Parish Finances

Coxhoe Parish Council prides itself that it has high standards of financial management and governance. We believe in the principle that if it is worth doing it is worth doing well. We have responsibilities for looking after your money and spending it wisely while achieving value for money. We are committed to achieving quality and high standards in everything we do in order that we can achieve and continually improve.

In doing so we are committed to achieving the standards expected as a Parish Council under the Local Council Awards Scheme. We are working towards this having achieved Foundation Status.

The role of Audit in helping to maintain high standards

We value the role of internal and external audit in inspecting our processes. We learn from there reports and recommendations. We want to be honest and transparent. In doing so we want to make sure that our audit reports and assessments are made available for public inspection. You can access copies from these pages. These show that our commitment to financial health and corporate governance are sound and well founded.

The Role of Asset and Risk Management

The Parish Council faces many challenges and risks in meeting our mission statement, priorities and objectives. To help us move forward we are committed to high standards of asset and risk management.

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